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[11 Mar 2004|01:40pm]


and they soo deserve it.


[26 Feb 2004|09:35pm]

[ mood | mmmmm ]

pixxxxCollapse )

The kids huddled with their parents sat cross-legged in front of towering mics and speakers. I just have to say if I were a little kid, this would have been the thrill ride of my life with the towering stage (though only about two feet off the ground) and the hardest rock band (though just a wholesome Austin band that kicks it up with tunes that stick to you). One thing to be noted is Doug played with only the girls, Karla and Hollie. Drums not included makes the feel very kid-friendly, and was easiest and best to present in front of the young and restless crowd. I do think the sound of the whole band with drums and everything oh so electric and loud is a magnificent crescendo to the album, which mostly depicted Doug singing and playing acoustic. Not to say I don't adore that aspect of it, either. I was just impressed, fully, when hearing the whole-band versions of the songs I knew so well.



[16 Feb 2004|10:44pm]

I've been asked to maintain this sort of fan community by Doug for his truely awesome band, the Jellydots. We've done sort of a trade; my job is to take pictures from his concerts and post about it in this community I'm maintaining. He gives me guitar lessons. Sounds great, eh? They're a local Austin band, one of my faves. So even if you've never heard them, I urge you to join this community to maybe learn some more about them or get interested. I promise good posts giving feedback from his shows and appearances. Our goal is to get bigger than Disney.


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